Healthy Living and Teamwork

19 Feb 2020
At BSS we try to promote physical and emotional health and well-being. One of our major goals is the holistic approach to teaching and learning with an emphasis on the whole growth of a learner. We develop in our students ability to interact and work effectively with others. We encourage them to take part in sports activities so they could develop self-discipline in both attitude and behavior.

The holistic approach (to teaching and learning) can be defined as development of the child as a whole, in all aspects. Thus we make efforts not only to teach them knowledge but develop in them the so important 21st century skills that will help them be global citizens. This educational model is crucial to better preparation for the future our students are going to live and work in. It gives them global perspectives and supplies different soft skills such as collaboration, good communication, thinking and problem solving, confidence, resilience, organization.

One of the best pathways to healthy living is sport. Sports activities are organized regularly in our school. Our basketball and football teams meet on a regular basis with other schools in friendly matches, take part in tournaments.. They have already created an important bond between each player. They set a goal and keep on working hard until achieving it. Through sports we must say we achieve some of our main goals in education that we are proud with – healthy living and teamwork.

What is a Healthy Living? It is the way we live that brings us health and well-being. To do so we need:

  • Physical activities
  • Healthy eating
  • Stress management

And what is Teamwork? It is a collaborative effort of a group. Here are some tips how we create teamwork culture in our pupils:

  • Working effectively with others
  • Setting common goals
  • Defining roles
  • Open and honest communication
  • Support to each other
  • Appreciation to everyone’s efforts
  • Healthy competition

We have always strived to create a culture of teamwork in our students - the ability of team members to work together. We regularly provide opportunities for group works in projects and group presentations of projects. This is set up as a goal from an early age. Our students begin delivering group presentations from KS1. And we should definitely say that the results are obvious – our students love working cooperatively and look forward with anticipation their project presentations with their teammates. Our students respect each other; appreciate every community member’s efforts. We are proud to have such a school culture!


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